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Choose Your Base Layers Carefully (The Truth About Base Layer Marketing)


You need clothes to keep your warm camping, but choose your base layers carefully! This video is sponsored by Use code PLAYINGWITHSTICKS to save 15% off your first purchase at 🤍 (Exclusions may apply) Links to Gear Mentioned in Video Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer 1/4-Zip - Women's 🤍 Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom - Women's 🤍 Smartwool Trekking Heavy Crew Sock 🤍 Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's 🤍 Smartwool Merino 250 Bottom - Men's 🤍 Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer 1/4-Zip - Men's 🤍 Burton 1st Layer Set - Toddler Boys' 🤍 Our other favorite gear we currently use from Backcountry can be found near the bottom of the description if you are interested. Want to see all the gear we currently take out camping? Link below. 🤍 We do get a small kickback from amazon for any purchases you make using these affiliate links. By purchasing items through them there is no additional cost to you. Our family does receive a small percentage from items you purchase. Choosing a base layer sounds simple. But it really isn't a one size fits all approach. We are breaking down our favorite base layers from merino wool to our favorite synthetic base layer blends. Our goal is to help you recognize that base layers for cold weather are an absolute must. But, this doesn't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to get quality base layers. You just need to know what you want. Timestamps 0:00 Beginning 1:43 Base layer properties 2:15 Base layer fit 2:58 Base layer weights 3:05 Lightweight base layers 3:14 Midweight base layers 3:31 Heavyweight base layer 4:10 Types of base layers 4:47 Merino wool base layers 8:00 Synthetic base layers 9:51 Silk base layers 10:15 Patagonia Capilene Air Base Layer 12:04 Base layer performance 14:19 Kids base layers *Our other favorite winter gear we use from Backcountry* 🤍 Atlas Snowshoes Montane Snowshoe - Men's 🤍 Atlas Snowshoes Mini Snowshoe 🤍 Atlas Snowshoes Spark Snowshoe - Kids' 🤍 Stoic Groundwork Double Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree 🤍 Backcountry Silver Fork 750 Hooded Jacket - Men's 🤍 Snow Peak Mini Flame Lantern 🤍 BioLite Light Diffusing Stuffsack 🤍 BioLite Base Lantern 🤍 Smartwool Popcorn Cable Sock - Women's 🤍 Patagonia Trucker Hat - Kids' 🤍 Baffin Cush Slipper - Men's Want more tips on how to stay warm when camping? Check out our videos 3 Best Electric Heaters for Teardrop Trailers (Plus Thermostat) 🤍 Our Favorite Electric Blankets (Put Head to Head) 🤍 3 Ultimate Mr Heater Hacks (Simple Buddy Heater Modifications) 🤍

Which Baselayer Should You Choose?


Your baselayer is one of the most important pieces of kit you'll own. It's the piece of kit that determines your comfort next to skin; it wicks away sweat, regulates your temperature, keeps you warm, keeps you cool and most importantly makes your outdoor trip that much more enjoyable. This video explains the benefits and negatives of each choice, which is best for certain activities and which you should choose. Baselayers we used: Merino: 🤍 Synthetic: 🤍 Mixture of both: 🤍 ◾️ Instagram: 🤍 ◾️ Facebook: 🤍 Sign up to our newsletter: 🤍

Top 5 Men's Base Layer Tops of 2021


#mensbaselayers #bestmensbaselayers Are you looking for a new base layer for hiking? In this video, our backpacking expert Amanda shares with you our top picks for 2021 for budget, synthetic, cold weather and more. Our picks: 👉 #1: Best Overall Base Layer For Men: SmartWool Merino 250 🤍 👉 #2: Best Synthetic Base Layer Top For Men: Patagonia Capilene Midweight 🤍 👉 #3: Best Budget Pick: MeriWool Midweight 🤍 👉 #4: Best Base Layer For Wearing In Cold Weather: Woolx Glacier Merino 🤍 👉 #5: Best For Using In Warmer Temperatures: Smartwool Merino 150 🤍 For more information on how to choose your next base layer top, check out our buyers guide: 🤍 - 📗 BOOK: The Beginner's Guide to Hiking Gear 📗 Learn what hiking gear you actually need and what's nice to have, so you can have a safe and enjoyable backpacking experience. If you don't know what gear to bring hiking. Or you feel worried that you don't have the right equipment. Or maybe you've wasted money on gear in the past that wasn't right for you. This is the book you need to read. Get your book today: 🤍 - 💢💢 Top 5 Men’s Base Layer Tops of 2021 💢💢 👉 #1: Best Overall Base Layer For Men: SmartWool Merino 250 🤍 Made from 100% Merino wool, this base layer excels at regulating temperature, wicking moisture, and providing for microbial resistance. It’s definitely an all-in-one package. For such lightweight material, this base layer is impressively warm. What I like most about the SmartWool Merino 250 is due to the ultra thin nature of the fibers, they flex against the skin, making for a super soft, comfy fit. What I don’t care for about this base layer is that it does tend to stretch in between washes. 👉 #2: Best Synthetic Base Layer Top For Men: Patagonia Capilene Midweight 🤍 The top is constructed from 100% recycled polyester material — making for an appreciated eco-friendly option. The layer provides for top-notch warmth and moisture-wicking capacities. Patagonia applies an anti-odor treatment to this top, as well, allowing you more wear time in between washes. What I like most about this base layer top is how affordable it is compared to Merino alternatives in conjunction with its comparable quality. What I like less about the Capilene MidWeight is that the temperature regulation is less than stellar and it doesn’t have the same soft feeling of wool against your skin. 👉 #3: Best Budget Pick: MeriWool Midweight 🤍 If you are looking for an affordable base layer that offers the same performance as Merino Wool options without the hefty price tag, you’ve likely met your match. The company integrated ultra fine Merino wool fibers into its construction. Despite being made of wool, this mid weight top is surprisingly breathable, too, making for a great choice for high intensity activities. It’s important to note this extra breathability does reduce the warmth of the top, making it an ideal choice for wearing in spring and fall. What I like most about this base layer is that its made from 100% Merino Wool yet costs only $60. What I don’t like about this top is that the extra fine wool can make you feel itchy for a while until you’ve worn and washed it a few times. 👉 #4: Best Base Layer For Wearing In Cold Weather: Woolx Glacier Merino 🤍 This heavyweight top is constructed from 100% Merino wool and is available for an affordable $120 price — given the layer boasts about twice as much wool as comparable alternatives. Although it is breathable, it isn’t best suited for high intensity activities. What I like most about the Woolx Glacier is its impressive value for such a warm winter base layer. What I don’t care for about this product is that the crew cut style is not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 👉 #5: Best For Using In Warmer Temperatures: Smartwool Merino 150 🤍 If you’re looking for a breathable, lightweight layer effective at wicking moisture on those warmer days, look no further — you’ve found it. Smartwool integrated nylon fabric into this primarily Merino wool top to boost its durability. It weighs in at only 6 ounces — making it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. What I like most about this base layer is that it’s easy to stash away into your pack on summer nights. What I don’t care for so much is the extra thin material requires extra care — both during and after use — to ensure its longevity.

BEST BASE LAYER FOR FOOTBALL 2018 | Top 5 football base layer


Best base layer for football in 2018 - today, we give you our Top 5 best base layer for football in 2018. Winter is coming, and that means that the weather is getting colder and playing football can be a very unpleasant experience if you don't manage to stay warm and dry. Base layer is here to help you as it adds a second layer of material that wicks away sweat and circulates body heat to keep you warm thanks to the base layer. Originally made for winter sports such as skiing and American football, base layer became a thing in football when Under Armour, Nike and adidas realised that it was a great way to keep football players warm and comfortable without feeling restricted by any means - and today we give you the Top 5 best base layer pieces for football right now in 2018. JayMike has brought out both his favourite football tights, some compression shorts and of course, a lot of base layer shirts that are perfect for football in the cold winter weather. BUY BASE LAYER RIGHT HERE: 🤍 If you contribute with subtitles, titles or descriptions leave your name here, and we will make sure that the world knows who helped grow the unisportlife experience! FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT! 🤍 Our homepage and store: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Youtube channel: 🤍

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Base Layers


The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Base Layers Check our selection of base layers: 🤍 Hate wearing 3 sweaters and a hoodie for a cool weather ride only to find yourself still cold? Covered in sweat even when all you have is a T-shirt under your riding jacket during the summer? Maybe it’s time to look at some base layers; join Brandon as he explains the benefits of base layers on your moto adventures! Questions? Give our gear experts a call at 877.792.9455, or email/chat here: 🤍

How To Choose A Base Layer


Choose the right base layer to stay dry, safe, & comfortable. Shop base layers: 🤍 Subscribe for more outdoor tips: 🤍 There are many options to choose from when shopping for a base layer. To narrow down your options and find the right base layer for your adventure, consider the following: -Fabric -Fit -Features After considering the fabric, fit, and features you'll be able to select the right base layer.

Base layer basics - Cold weather clothing & layering | Taival Outdoors


In this episode - which is sponsored by 5.11 Tactical Finland - we'll talk about the first and most important part of cold weather clothing: base layers. The video goes through what you should look for in a base layer set, what are the pros and cons of fabrics such as polyester and merino wool, and why you should probably wear a light base layer rather than a heavy one. Timestamps: 0:00 Video sponsor 5.11 Tactical Finland 0:50 The function of a base layer and what to look for 2:20 5.11 Tropos 3:56 Why you should get a tight fitting base layer 4:58 5.11 Range Ready Merino Wool 6:02 Merino wool is not a miracle material 6:33 Why I use thin base layers 7:28 Merino wool's pros and cons 9:27 Top 4 things to know when buying a base layer set ↟↟↟ 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🐺 JOIN THE SUPPORT SQUAD: 🤍 ↟↟↟ Taival Outdoors is a channel about the great outdoors, spending time in nature doing everything from day hikes and overnight adventures to bikepacking and multi-day wilderness backpacking. Trekking is close to my heart, but I’m not tied to any particular "genre" like ultralight or bushcraft – instead I do what I've found through my experience in the wild to work the best for me. I'm also making gear reviews and skill videos based on what I actually use and how I operate in nature. Thanks for watching!

Choosing A Base Layer


Mountain Warehouse offers advice on choosing the best Base Layer! Choosing the right layers when on the slopes or taking part in any outdoor activity is crucial. A good base layer is necessary for maintaining the right body temperature and will wick away moisture (often caused by sweat) from the skin to stop dampness and cold setting in. The term base layer can refer to both tops and bottoms.



I have been wanting to know what is the best kind of base layer between merino wool and synthetic options. I knew both types where good but how do they differ and who should buy what type of base layer. If you liked this video and would like that I test something else let me know in the comments. 🤍 🤍 Join a camp or learn more about skiing online: 🤍

Base Layer Basics


Check out some tips on Base Layer Basics from us here at Learn which base layers are best for you, and how to care for and wash your base layers after wear.

Base Layers WON'T Keep You Warm


In this video, Tayson (founder, Outdoor Vitals) tells you all about base layers for adventuring out in the wilderness. He addresses questions and common misunderstandings about what base layers are actually used for. Are base layers meant to keep you warm while backpacking in cold weather or can they be a death trap? What about the materials? What's best for base layers? Cotton? Wool? Synthetic materials such as Nylon and Polyester? How should base layers fit? All that and more are answered in this video. Dragonwool Products: DRAGONWOOL HOODIE: 🤍 OUTDOOR VITALS MERINO WOOL NECK GAITERS: 🤍 DRAGONWOOL ZIPOFF THERMAL: 🤍 DRAGONWOOL BOXER: 🤍 Table of Contents 00:00 Intro 00:33 What Base Layers are For 00:55 Common Misconceptions (Cotton Kills) 01:35 Synthetic Fabric 01:59 Wool 02:24 Weight 02:51 Fit 03:05 Dragonwool (🤍 03:43 How to Choose the Right Base Layer Subscribe for more helpful tips and videos: 🤍 Great Outdoor Vitals Gear: 🤍 Backpacks: KOTAUL TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE BACKPACK: 🤍 SHADOWLIGHT ULTRALIGHT BACKPACK: 🤍 Shelters: DOMINION 1P ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING TENT: 🤍 ULTRALIGHT DOMINION 2P BACKPACKING TENT: 🤍 DELANO ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING TARP: 🤍 Sleeping Bags: STORMLOFT™ DOWN MUMMYPOD™ SLEEPING BAG: 🤍 SUMMIT DOWN SLEEPING BAGS: 🤍 ATLAS LOFTTEK™ HYBRID SLEEPING BAGS: 🤍 LOFTTEK HYBRID MUMMYPOD™ HAMMOCK INSULATION: 🤍 OUTDOOR VITALS SLEEPING BAG LINER: 🤍 TopQuilts: STORMLOFT™ DOWN TOPQUILT: 🤍 LOFTTEK™ HYBRID 0 - 15 °F TOPQUILTS: 🤍 Underquilts: LOFTTEK™ HYBRID 0 & 15°F UNDERQUILTS: 🤍 AERIE 0° TO 45°F UNDERQUILT: 🤍 STORMLOFT™ 0°-30°F DOWN UNDERQUILT: 🤍 Sleeping Pads: ULTRALIGHT SLEEPING PADS: 🤍 Hammocks: ULTRALIGHT COMPLETE HAMMOCK SYSTEM: 🤍 HAMMOCK SUSPENSION SYSTEM: 🤍 HAMMOCK BUGNET: 🤍 Pillows/Balaclavas/Booties: ULTRALIGHT STRETCH PILLOW: 🤍 LOFTTEK™ HYBRID BALACLAVA / HOOD: 🤍 LOFTTEK™ HYBRID BOOTIES: 🤍 Jackets and Hoodies: NOVAPRO MEN'S JACKET: 🤍 NOVAPRO WOMEN'S JACKET: 🤍 NOVAUL MEN'S JACKET: 🤍 NOVAUL WOMEN'S JACKET: 🤍 VENTUS ACTIVE HOODIE: 🤍 ULTRALIGHT LOFTTEK™ ADVENTURE JACKET: 🤍 ULTRALIGHT REGULATOR DOWN JACKET: 🤍 Pants/Shorts: SATU ADVENTURE PANTS (MEN SIZING): 🤍 SATU ADVENTURE PANTS (MEN SIZING WAIST SIZES 40, 43, AND 46): 🤍 SATU ADVENTURE PANTS (WOMEN SIZING): 🤍 SATU ADVENTURE SHORTS: 🤍 Merch: OUTDOOR VITALS LIVE ULTRALIGHT T-SHIRT: 🤍 OUTDOOR VITALS NEW LOGO T-SHIRT: 🤍 OV PROFLEX ADJUSTABLE SNAPBACK HAT: 🤍 Membership: OTHER PROVEN ESSENTIALS: 🤍 #liveultralight #outdoorvitals #backpacking #baselayers #wintercamping



Why would you need an active soil for your planted tank - a so-called clay-based soil? Do you need the base layer substrate beneath? This tutorial will teach you most of what you need to know about the stuff we all put at the bottom of our tanks: the fertilizing substrate, the general plant soils, as well as the inert elements: sand and gravel. MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER, JOIN US: 🤍 SUBSTRATES 🤍 OUR FAVORITES ADA Power Sand Advance M (6 liters) 🤍 ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia GROUP LINKS TO OUR SUBSTRATES General Plant Substrate: 🤍 Base Layer Fertilizing Substrate: 🤍 Decorative Sand: 🤍 Gravels: 🤍 UPCOMING GREEN AQUA EVENTS - BUY THE TICKETS HERE 🤍 EVENT POSTPONED - Juan Puchades (SP) Workshop (Tickets available soon) EVENT POSTPONED - Juan Puchades (SP) Seminar (Tickets available soon) MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 THIS VIDEO IS PRODUCED IN COLLABORATION WITH OASE 🤍 - OUR VIDEO AND AUDIO GEAR 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Our list contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of the product links, we will receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! CREW Camera Operators: Csaba Viczián, Sebastian Dudok Post-Production by Peter Hajdu, Sebastian Dudok, Balazs Farkas Social media: Viktor Lantos Subtitles: Tamás Demeter Graphics, editing and color grading made in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 OUR FAVORITE TOOLS: TUBEBUDDY: 🤍 MORNINGFAME: 🤍 GENIUSLINK: 🤍 MUSIC LICENSED THROUGH EPIDEMIC SOUND 🤍 SONGS: "And the Sky Shall Unfold" - Edgar Hopp, "Hard to Love" - Katnip, "Expansion" - Amaranth Cove, "Nothing Like Wine" - Veele, "All Parts Equal" - Airae, "Do Not Let Me Go" - Gamma Skies, "Lester" - Harper Ray, "Divisive Alliance" - Jon Bjork #greenaqua #plantedtank #substrate #tutorial #soil #sand #gravel #aquascaping

Bradley Wiggins Talks The Perfect Cycling Base Layer | Wiggle


We talked to Bradley Wiggins and Le Col founder Yanto Barker to hear what the pair had to say about the latest cycling base layers and look back on how they have changed over the years Wiggle has always taken pride in being more than just a retailer; it works with brands, individuals and of course customers; to develop the best range, delivery and services in the tri-sports market place. For more information visit: 🤍

Woom Explica - Baselayer 2022


Estamos sempre preocupados em maximizar os benefícios dos nossos produtos. A Cycling Baselayer da Woom potencializa o efeito de controle de umidade da Camisa de Ciclismo, gerando um conforto extra e uma sensação única para o seu pedal. Através do seu tecido especial com filamentos de 100% em poliamida, e uma estruturação única em células, este produto cria um microclima entre a pele do atleta e o tecido da Camisa de Ciclismo. Este microclima gera um ganho de conforto extraordinário e facilmente perceptível durante o pedal, principalmente em condições climáticas mais quentes e úmidas. A Segunda pele de ciclismo (base layer) ainda é uma novidade para boa parte dos ciclistas brasileiros, mas este produtos já é a muito tempo usado em outros países, como Itália, França e Espanha. Bastante comum ver ciclistas profissionais utilizar este produto nas grandes voltas. É um produto que deve ser utilizado abaixo da camisa de ciclismo em pedais em ambiente externo, e é uma excelente opção para ser utilizada somente ela em pedais indoor. Tecido ultrafino em poliamida com textura em células com alta respirabilidade, auxiliando a manter o atleta com a regulação térmica e de umidade ideal . Ela é ideal para climas quentes e úmidos. Você pode usar por baixo da camisa de ciclismo em ambiente outdoor, ou somente ela, em ambiente indoor. Produto unissex com modelagem Slimfit. Acesse o link e confira: 🤍

Baselayer Edannnnn...(Tidur Nyenyak di Gunung)


Baselayer Columbia dengan fitur thermal reflective dan omni heat, mampu memberikan kenyamanan dan kehangatan. Baselayer ini mempunyai tiga type 1. Midweight baselayer 2. Heavyweight baselayer 3. Extremeweight baselayer Di sini saya akan review heavyweight baselayer, menurut saya pas dan cocok untuk suhu di Indonesia. Terdapat keseimbangan antara berat baselayer dan performa yang diberikan..tidak terlampau berat namun memberikan kehangatan yang mumpuni. Kekurangan baselayer ini yaitu..Harganya yang masih relatif mahal, namun sepandan dengan fitur dan performanya. Enjoy it....... Instagram Bratboy83

Merino Wool Vs Synthetic BASE LAYERS


Decided to do a few test to see how merino wool base layers did versus synthetic base layers. Minus33 Top: 🤍 Minus33 Bottom: 🤍 *some links are amazon associate links* My FULL Review of the Minus33 Base layers: 🤍

Layering Explained (The 3 Layer System)


Knowing how to choose your layers could make all the difference. A basic layering system has three important functions: to wick sweat away from the skin; to trap body heat; and to protect you from the weather. Each part of your clothing serves a different purpose, and works with the other layers to keep your skin dry, warm and comfortable. An effective layering system allows you adjust and regulate your body temperature when active or resting or as weather conditions change. Read More Here: 🤍 [Follow / Subscribe] Facebook: 🤍 Vimeo: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Goggle+ 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel here on YouTube: 🤍 If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments box below. Thumbs up and subscribe too!

How to care for your baselayer


Wondering how to quench that stench from your base layer? Helly Hansen Category Managing Director for Base Layer, Krisoffer Ulriksen, gives some top tips. 00:00:16 | LIFA (synthetic) 00:01:02 | LIFA MERINO (merino wool and synthetic) 00:01:47 | HH MERINO (merino wool) To learn more about this topic, visit: How to Wash Base Layers and Activewear: 4 Easy Steps: 🤍 Choose your Base Layer like a Pro: 🤍 To explore Helly Hansen Base Layers, visit: Men's: 🤍 Women's: 🤍 Kids': 🤍 Juniors': 🤍

Top 5 Cold-Weather Base Layers


What an interesting topic we have today: Glorified underwear. But we shouldn’t joke, because a decent base layer can add a whole month to your riding season, and that commands respect. Best Cold-Weather Motorcycle Base Layers: 0:16 - FXR Vapour Collection: 🤍 2:08 - Firstgear 37.5 Collection: 🤍 3:14 - EVS Tug : 🤍 4:39 - Klim Inferno Jacket: 🤍 5:27 - Klim Transition Pants: 🤍 Gear up for your next adventure at 🤍 Connect with us: 🤍 🤍 🤍

GripGrab Ultralight Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer


The GripGrab Ultralight Sleeveless Mesh Base Layer is your go-to option for hot summer cycling. The open-weave material allows your skin to breathe, while also moving perspiration away from your body to leave you feeling dry and comfortable. With minimal bulk and minimal seams, but maximum breathability - this is the base of great comfort and performance when you are working hard in the summer heat. Find out more at: 🤍

Uma peça que protege tanto do frio quanto do calor: Base Layer


Segue aqui o link do Base Layer: 🤍

Chillcheater base layer - syntetic vs. wool


This is a review of a base layer for colder enviroment. If you dont have any interest in base layers and winter clothing, then this video will be boring for you. But if you are out in the colder weather, this might interest you! Sorry my English is out of shape! :) I had to censor the video, due to "condescending" audience Syntetic vs. wool Price: about 75 GBP / 100USD for a set. Link to product: 🤍

Matador Camera Base Layer (V2) Review (3 Weeks of Use)


Check out the Matador Camera Base Layer (V2) Review on Pack Hacker: 🤍 Subscribe to our Main Channel: 🤍 Join Pack Hacker Pro: 🤍 Sign Up for our Newsletter: 🤍 View all of our Travel Gear Reviews: 🤍 CONNECT WITH US Follow Pack Hacker on Instagram: 🤍 Like Pack Hacker on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Pack Hacker on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Pack Hacker on Pinterest: 🤍 Follow Pack Hacker on LinkedIn: 🤍 TERMS Pack Hacker utilizes affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of our product links, Pack Hacker will receive a small commission at no cost to you. This helps support us, and allows us to keep providing reviews, guides, and content for you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Thanks for your support!

Top 5 Men's Base Layer Bottoms of 2021


#mensbaselayers #bestmensbaselayers Are you looking for a new men's base layer bottoms for hiking? In this video, our backpacking expert Amanda shares with you our top picks for 2021 for budget, summer, cold weather and more. Our picks: 👉 #1: Best Overall Base Layer Bottoms For Men: Patagonia Capilene Bottoms 🤍 👉 #2: Best For Budget: REI Midweight Bottoms 🤍 👉 #3: Best For High-intensity Adventures: Smartwool 150 Bottoms 🤍 👉 #4: Best For Summer Backpacking Trips: REI Lightweights 🤍 👉 #5: Best For Cold Temperatures: Smartwool Merino 250 Bottoms 🤍 For more information on how to choose your next base layer bottoms, check out our buyers guide: 🤍 - 📗 BOOK: The Beginner's Guide to Hiking Gear 📗 Learn what hiking gear you actually need and what's nice to have, so you can have a safe and enjoyable backpacking experience. If you don't know what gear to bring hiking. Or you feel worried that you don't have the right equipment. Or maybe you've wasted money on gear in the past that wasn't right for you. This is the book you need to read. Get your book today: 🤍 - 💢💢 Top 5 Men’s Base Layer Bottoms of 2021 💢💢 👉 #1: Best Overall Base Layer Bottoms For Men: Patagonia Capilene Bottoms 🤍 Patagonia’s synthetic Capilene series is changing how we envision synthetic base layers — if you’re looking for an alternative to wool that keeps you just as warm and performs just as well, look no further. Patagonia crafted these bottoms from 100% recycled polyester in a diamond grid knit pattern that provides for superior warmth for its weight. These base layers also give wool a run for its money in terms of comfort thanks to the fleece-like interior feel. These are also coated with Patagonia’s proprietary odor control treatment to keep you feeling fresher longer. What I like about the Patagonia Capilenes is how affordable they are for a synthetic product that rivals premium wool alternatives currently on the market. What I don’t like about these is their less than average durability. The exterior quickly begins showing signs of wear. 👉 #2: Best For Budget: REI Midweight Bottoms 🤍 REI uses sustainable polyester and labels these as Fair Trade certified, which should leave you feeling good about minimizing your impact on the planet. The 4 way stretch and a flat seam construction ensure for a full range of motion when you’re on the go. What I like most about REI’s base layer bottoms is the built-in sun protection, providing for a UPF rating of 50. What I care for less about these bottoms is although they are touted as midweights, they are not as warm comparable alternatives. 👉 #3: Best For High-intensity Adventures: Smartwool 150 Bottoms 🤍 These lightweight bottoms are constructed from a merino wool wrapped nylon core. They’re ideal for aerobic activities, as the thin fabric keeps you cool and dry without compromising warmth. What I like most about the SmartWool 150 base layer bottoms is how surprisingly comfortable they are. What I don’t like about these bottoms is that the thinner fabric makes less durable in the long-term than thicker alternatives. 👉 #4: Best For Summer Backpacking Trips: REI Lightweights 🤍 These polyester blended bottoms are perfect for sleeping in the backcountry and staving off the early morning chills before hitting the trail again. They provide for a level of odor resistance and are very quick-drying. When combined with their affordability, this makes them ideal for backcountry adventures in mild weather conditions. What I like most about these bottoms is how well the semi-fitted design layers with other pieces of clothing. What I don’t like so much about these bottoms is that they run a little small in the legs, which can be constrictive and uncomfortable on long expeditions. 👉 #5: Best For Cold Temperatures: Smartwool Merino 250 Bottoms 🤍 These are Smartwool’s warmest base layer bottom offering thanks to a combination of thick-cut wool and an interlocking knit design. The waistband features flat lock seams and wool in just the right places to provide for extra comfort and reduce the potential for chafing. Despite how warm these base layer bottoms are, their breathability and moisture wicking capabilities are on par with similar alternatives. What I like most about these bottoms is how the redesigned gusset in the crotch improves the fit and flexibility. What I care less for about these base layer bottoms is the fact they tend to stretch more than comparable alternatives between washes, making them less ideal for multi-day outings.

3 types of base layer from RUKKA |


Ed has three different types of base layers from RUKKA. See them all here: RUKKA Mark Set RRP £40 🤍 RUKKA Outlast Top Mens RRP £55 🤍 RUKKA Outlast Top Ladies RRP £55 🤍 RUKKA Outlast Bottoms Mens RRP £55 🤍 RUKKA Outlast Bottoms Ladies RRP £55 🤍 RUKKA Moody Merino Top RRP £65.99 🤍 RUKKA Moody Merino Bottoms RRP £65.99 🤍 #rukka #base #layers #motorcycle Another video brought to you by Bikerheadz (Fuelled by TranAm Ltd). To find your UK or Ireland stockist of the product shown please visit: 🤍 To see all the latest products from Bikerheadz visit 🤍 To connect with us on social media.. Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 To talk about all things two-wheeled (with an engine) join our Facebook group: 🤍 Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel by hitting the red button above! #bikerheadz #review

SmartWool VS. Meriwool - My New FAVORITE Baselayer


Just about everyone in the hiking and backpacking realm owns something from SmartWool (or has AT LEAST heard of it) My first base layer set was from SmartWool, and I honestly thought it was the best option out there. That is until I tried Meriwool! I wanted to take a couple minutes to share the qualities of Meriwool that have made it my NEW favorite merino wool base layer... Nothing sponsored here just my 100% honest opinion and personal experience! Outro music: "Carry On" by The New Valleys Please subscribe if you enjoyed the video and want to see more like it. Other ways to support this channel and what I do include: -Signing up for my newsletter: -Subscribing to my NEW project a quarterly backpacking magazine called Bear Necessity: -Checking out some of my downloadable trip itineraries: -Or buying me a coffee:

Pando Moto UH 02 armoured motorcycle base layer review


In this video review, Chris talks through the Pando Moto UH 02 armoured motorcycle base layer set. To buy the Pando Moto UH 02 armoured motorcycle base layer set online, click here - 🤍 Why not pay us a personal visit? Click here for directions and opening hours - 🤍 For the latest news and reviews, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here - 🤍

Choosing Base-Layers


Our 2020 base layer range covers temperatures between -5°C to 40°C+. Unfortunately, one item doesn’t cover it all, so here’s a nice and brief rundown of where each piece fits and the added features that makes each one special.



Aldi released its version of a Rapha-esque base layer yesterday so wanted to review them both to see if it's worth the £43 price difference... Let me know if you have used either or which you would buy. ★ Strava: 🤍 ★ Instagram: 🤍 CYCLING GEAR ★ Visit 🤍 ★Weight Gain/ Weight Loss 👙 🤍 ★Cycling Tips 🚴 🤍 ★What I Eat I A Day 🍉 🤍 ★Travelling Adventures ✈️ 🤍 ★Eating Disorder Recovery ☺️ 🤍 MY CAMERAS: 📷 ▷ Canon 70D: 🤍 ▷ Canon 24mm Lense 🤍 ▷ Canon 18-55mm Lense: 🤍 ▷ Sony RX100 V: 🤍 ▷ Apple iPhone6s: 🤍 ▷ GoPro Hero 5: 🤍 Any questions, message me on Youtube...




FOX RAGE BASE LAYER | Warm fishing clothing


Keep warm this winter with good layering, starting with the brilliant Fox Rage base layer. Consists of top and bottom layer set Offers heat-holding base layer to reduce heat loss in cold weather Fitted, high-stretch style design for minimal intrusion on movement Moisture wicking Breathable Soft, brushed back fabric for maximum comfort Available in six sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane You can see the range of Fox Rage tackle being used in this video here: 🤍 Keep up to date with all the latest on our other social channels: 🤍 🤍 If you love fishing for predators then Fox Rage TV is place for you. Our channel covers insight in targeting everything from pike, perch and zander to catfish, asp and chub, with expert tips and tactics from our anglers to help you catch more and bigger fish. Fox Rage videos also showcase our latest predator fishing tackle products and innovations, including lures, rods, reels, braid and accessories across our three brands; Fox Rage, Fox Rage Predator and Salmo. We offer something for all predator anglers. From the novice lure angler looking to get a grip of the basics, such as dropshot and jig fishing, or picking the right lure and locating fish, to experienced fishermen who want to take their angling to the next level, our videos can help. With new lure and predator videos loaded all the time, our aim is to not only help you catch more and bigger fish but to get more out of your fishing. We are proud partners of the Angling Trust. If you would like to join and help to secure the future of fishing in the UK, you can do so here: 🤍 #foxrage #lurefishing #fishinglures

How to Apply Gel Base Coat


Base coat doesn't get the importance or focus it deserves. It is one of if not the most important part of any gel service and is one of the key parts to prevent lifting. In this video I explain all the ins-and-outs of gel base and how you should apply it. ❤❤❤Products Used In This Video❤❤❤ -Kokoist Platinum Bond Base Coat 🤍 -Kokoist Round Brush 🤍 -Akzentz Luxio Base Coat 🤍 -Light Elegance Tack Bonder 🤍 -Light Elegance Cleanser Pump 🤍 FOLLOW THE NAIL HUB HERE: INSTAGRAM ❤ 🤍 FACEBOOK ❤ 🤍 TWITTER ❤ 🤍 SHARE WITH ME WITH #thenailhub or tag me 🤍thenailhub Business Inquiries: sales🤍 Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe! #thenailhub #gelnails #gelnailart #nailtutorial #nailhowto #basecoat #gelnaileducation #naileducation

Cycling Base Layers explained - Base Layer Options for outdoor cycling


The best base layers for cycling are uncovered and the necessary characteristics are discussed to help you choose. 🤍 Our content provides group rides with narrated cycling tips, product reviews, bicycle maintenance and cycling training videos to help you go further and faster on each and every ride. Welcome to Veloharmony, the channel for improving your cycling performance. I am Eldred Nims, a former USCF road racing cyclist with over three decades of cycling experience committed to helping you improve your cycling etiquette and your inner self. Questions? Cycling Consulting: Signup to have your questions answered 🤍 Take advantage of our cycling services: 🤍 or become a channel member and take advantage of Live Q&A Sessions. Become a Channel member: 🤍 Subscribe to Veloharmony: 🤍 Along with with our YouTube channel memberships, visit 🤍 and take advantage of our cycling products and services, to get help with your specific cycling needs. Shop our recommended products here: 🤍 🤍 Sign up for Veloharmony fitness and life Coaching to get in shape, lose weight, modify your diet, or increase your performance: 🤍 We assist with turn key cycling assistance from bike fit and fit related issues to losing weight, lowering your blood pressure, releasing stress or simply improving fitness. Local or Remote Bike Fit: 🤍 Get exclusive gear in the Veloharmony shop! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Strava: 🤍 Join the Veloharmony Strava Club: 🤍 New video releases : Tuesdays: Live Premiere 🤍5:30pm Central Time of past weekend's Group Ride Fridays: Misc Videos Periodic Product Reviews on Wednesdays. Business Inquiries: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 We all know that layering is the way to go when heading outside in chillier temperatures - both because of it's versatility and because of the body's ability to heat smaller spaces in between layers than larger, more open spaces. But, knowing that, finding the right material for you is still an important consideration. While the current standard bearer, and certainly a favorite of ours, in the world of base layers is merino wool, today we've got a new natural fiber that has everything merino does and then some. Yak wool from Kora. This is a sustainably and ethically sourced fiber gathered by a herders cooperative in the Himalayan plateau to be made into usable fabric by Kora themselves - so there's no sourcing here! What material do you like to wear as a base layer? Tell us in the comments! Read our full review of the Shola 230 base layer from Kora at: 🤍 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 🤍 🤍 🤍 Subscribe to this channel: 🤍 These pieces were provided for review purposes by Kora. All opinions are those of the author and/or Gearist contributors.

Simms Baselayer Tops & Bottoms with John Sherman | First Look 2021


TW discusses the Simms Baselayer Tops & Bottoms with John Sherman as part of Tackle Warehouse's First Look coverage - an in-depth look at the newest fishing products debuted in Summer 2021. More from this vendor - 🤍 Check out TW’s full First Look ICAST & Summer Release Coverage – 🤍 First Look ICAST & Summer Release Pre-Order & New Arrivals – 🤍 TW First Look ICAST & Summer Release Videos – 🤍 Join Tackle Warehouse, one of the world’s leading fishing tackle retailers for our First Look coverage of the 2021 ICAST Show & all of the new 2021 Summer Releases. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Showcasing the newest products and latest innovations in the bass fishing industry, TW’s 2021 First Look coverage of ICAST & all of the new Summer Releases digs in to provide the details and insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Delivering the most extensive coverage anywhere on the web, Tackle Warehouse works with industry-insiders, top-tier professionals, and lure designers to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Don’t forget to keep checking back at for all the newest 2021 ICAST & New Summer Releases. #TackleWarehouse #BassFishing #TWICAST2021 #FirstLook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ TW Site 🤍 TW VLOGs 🤍 TW FB 🤍 TW Twitter 🤍 TW Instagram 🤍 Help Us Translate this Video - 🤍

Craft Base Layer Review


Julian from Contender Bicycles reviews base layer options from Craft. See these options as well as many other great base layer options on our website at 🤍

Cold Weather Dressing Tips - 3 Layer System - Base Layer - Insulating Layer - Protective Layer


👉 🤍 - read my article Tips for Men Dressing For The Cold Climate 🤍 Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. Want to start dressing sharp today? Discover The Style System 🤍 - the BEST Professional Style Course on the planet!

Lifa Merino Seamless 1/2 Zip Base Layer by Helly Hansen [Review]


Visit Adventure Rig here: 🤍 What’s not to love about an extremely soft, well fitting, lightweight base layer that you can use all four seasons? Nothing! The Lifa Merino Seamless ½ Zip Base Layer by Helly Hansen is so comfortable and soft it’ll be hard to take off. The Lifa technology is what’s truly to love about this layer. Whether you’re skinning in the backcountry or hiking fourteeners in the summer, the Lifa tech next to your skin will pull moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Not only does moisture get pulled from your skin, it gets pulled through the layer so the wet fabric is not up against your skin. This is an amazing feature for winter activities. Combined with Merino, you get the best of both worlds with this base layer. The merino is soft, comfortable, and insulates to keep you warm. Merino is also naturally anti-microbial so you won’t start to stink after day one. The fit, while tight fitting, is great. This is a base layer that you’ll forget you’re wearing, which is how it should be. The length is ideal, as this layer stays tucked in all day long whether you’re rag dolling down the ski slope or climbing that hard route you really have to exert yourself on. I’m normally a size large and am around 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. You won’t want to take this off once you get it on. The HH Lifa Merino ½ Zip is a perfect year round base layer for any adventure you’re embarking on. It wont bother or irritate you throughout the day. You’ll be warm and dry all day long and won’t stink when you get to where you’re going. Check out Helly Hansen for all of their great layering options including ski outer layers! Links HH Lifa Merino ½ Zip: 🤍 More Reviews: 🤍 Be sure to subscribe for more great videos and check us out on our social channels! facebook: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 Music: Moldy Lotion by Light-foot - 🤍

Bushcraft Clothing: Base Layer Review - Cotton, Polyester or Merino Wool?


FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD - now on: 🤍 In this video I am comparing different types of base layer clothes with each other. I will compare clothing made from merino wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics. By that I want to share the experiences I had with all of these garments with you so you can get some valuable tips on outdoor and bushcraft outfits. Hope you enjoy this little review / test. Featured Keela L/S Top Merino Shirt: 🤍 Paul Kirtley's blog article on hypothermia: 🤍 Merino wool explained: 🤍 ##### To support this channel, please subscribe, share and comment. Thank you! ### FACEBOOK ### 🤍 ### INSTAGRAM ### 🤍 ##### Disclaimer: Rathwulven Bushcraft is in no way associated with Decathlon and the Quechua brand. Keela did provide the featured merino bass layer shirt gratis to Rathwulven Bushcraft in return for product testing services such as feedback on possible product optimization. Keela did not, however, influence the outcome of this video in any way: Rathwulven Bushcraft was offered the shirt to provide an open and unbiased review of the product. All findings and experiences are mine solely. For countries asking for a explicit marking of sponsorship (such as Germany for example), this video may be considered unpaid promotion ("unbezahlte Werbung").

The Nitty Gritty | Choosing the Right Baselayer


First Lite Director of Product and Design Ben Flandro explains the development and application of our two new Merino Wool fabrics: AeroWool and Merino-X Learn more at firstlite.comA

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