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The Real JDM Supercar; Honda NSX NA1 Review | JDM Masters


The Real JDM Supercar; Honda NSX NA1 Review from JDM Masters. The original Honda NSX was Japan's answer to the European supercar establishment in the late '80s. Designed with a mid-engine configuration with Honda's new DOHC VTEC technology that gave it a high 100 horsepower per litre output and an industry first all aluminium body, the NA1 NSX was a true exotic that made the European manufacturers sit up and take notice. Designed by a team led by Chief Designer Masahito Nakano and Executive Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara. It benefited from advanced aerodynamics and styling inspired by an F-16 fighter jet cockpit and input from the late Formula One World Champion, Ayrton Senna, during the final development stages. It was presented at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show and was built in a purpose-made factory in Tochigi Japan, going for sale from 1990. It was originally available as a coupé and, from 1995, a Targa top. It underwent a performance upgrade in 1997, equipped with a larger 3.2 L V6 engine, and a facelift in 2002 before being discontinued in 2005. North American models were sold as the Acura NSX. Cars with the 3.0 L C30A engine are referred to as NA1 models, while the 3.2 L C32B engine cars are known as NA2 models A special performance-oriented model 'Type R', called NSX-R was made to make an even more focused track-oriented performance which harks on Honda's long involvement in F1. We have an early NA1 NSX with 5 speed manual for this review. Join us as we dive deep into the development history and technical details about what makes this car so unique and revered as an icon of 90's JDM. Contents 01:10 Introduction 01:26 NSX Development History 05:02 Ayrton Senna's involvement in NSX 06:01 NSX Design Exterior Front & Side 09:22 The aluminium body test 09:51NSX Design Exterior Rear & Utility 12:09 NSX Aerodynamics and Stability 13:16 NSX Exhaust Sound 13:38 NSX Engine 14:47 Aluminium Body 15:48 DOHC VTEC Explanation 16:18 Honda's Engine philosophy 18:58 Transmission, Body, dynamics 19:29 Mid-engine car handling 20:59 Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels 23:53 Interior 27:28 Drive review 36:16 Owner's corner Follow us on IG: 🤍jdmmastersofficial JDM Masters crew: 🤍captbradford 🤍japonic_official Special thanks to this episode's camera crew: 🤍aonaminnie 🤍ygm_tyo NSX Owner: 🤍instagr_ammons

NA1 vs NA2 NSX Explained!


Most people get this wrong, I know I used to... so I made a video to explain what NA1 vs NA2 really means. I also threw in some tidbits about the Zanardi and NA2 Coupes! I hope this video is helpful, thanks for watching! — JZNSN2U 🤍 Chris McCool's Zanardi Prototype Build Thread 🤍 What is a Zanardi Edition? 🤍 Common NSX Modifications 🤍 — Check out CarSeen, the newest social network for car enthusiasts. Not only can you connect with other car people, you can keep private maintenance records and submit your car to the rare car registry! 🤍 — Also check out 🤍 for cool Golden Era Honda & Acura merchandise!

Marby's NA1 NSX (4K) | StreetVanguards


Marby has honestly been one of my longest supporters ever since I started getting into shooting automotive things. I remember back in the Fall of 2016 when I approached him to shoot some photos and maybe even a video, and this man was down for me despite being such an amateur. I've seen his NA1 go through some serious changes from a clean white NSX with simple Advan Racing wheels to this downforce heavy street shark. Thank you to Marby for always supporting me and my endeavors, I appreciate you a lot homie. Make sure you follow him at 🤍lmarbz. Special thanks to 🤍rexnsx for showing up in the end credits with his clean NA2 NSX too! Support the Original Artists! Othos - Lies w/ Defussion 🤍 Othos - Luminance w/ Defussion 🤍 MVEJIMV - Glare 🤍 Follow us! 🤍thedefinedlifestyle 🤍johnvmascarinas 🤍bejohnnyle

1991 Honda NSX Review - What Is Honda's Original Supercar Really Like To Drive?


Today I'm driving the original Honda NSX. I have done that before, but it was a very last of line 2005 car. In this episode, I am taking out one of the first, a 1991 3L 5 speed manual car, to see just how different it is. Let's go. #Honda #NSX Want to see your car on the channel? Email me on talk🤍 Looking to buy a new or used car? HOLMESDALE FINANCE can help! My channel partner Holmesdale Finance specialises in finance solution for new and used prestige, sports and performance cars - including MODERN CLASSIC policies and many more. You might be surprised at what they can do, so speak to them to find out more. Their website is 🤍 * Want More JayEmm? Become a channel member for access to exclusive content! 🤍

NSX: The JDM Icon


The Honda NSX is a name that needs very little introduction these days. Having debuted in the 1990 model year, the car has become heavily coveted by enthusiasts all over the world for daring to step out of their comfort zone and take on the world in a way that was completely unique while at the same time being totally on brand with Honda. In this video, Justin and Gavin discover what driving all the major iterations of the NSX are like back to back and how they have changed over each generation. Website: 🤍 IG: 🤍exhibitionofspeed Podcast: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00:00 Intro 00:04:10 In studio! 00:04:33 NA1 00:14:21 NA2 00:17:20 In studio NA1 and NA2 discussion 00:29:03 Late NA2 00:37:55 In Studio Late NA2 discussion 00:45:50 Gavins Type S Drive 00:59:41 Justins Type S Drive 01:12:12 Type S dicussion and wrap up NSX Works Cited NSX Wiki 🤍 Shigeru Uehara Wiki 🤍 NSX Picture 🤍 Honda Corporate NSX article 🤍 Honda NSX Documentary 🤍 Top Gear ~ Honda NSX review 🤍 30 Years of the Acura NSX in Photos 🤍 2022 Acura NSX Type S vs 1999 Acura NSX // The ULTIMATE Comparison + DRAG RACE 🤍 Senna team engine photo 🤍 🤍 The Driving Experience: NA1 NSX 🤍 Motor Week Retro Review: 1992 NSX 🤍 Honda Motorcycle Commercial 🤍 Honda Ninja Ad 🤍 Honda 1983 XR promotional film 🤍 SENNA - Exclusive Clip 🤍 The Spirit of Challenge: The honda story 🤍 HPX photos 🤍 Acura NSX - USA full promotional video 🤍 Madness - Honda City 🤍 Pininferinna HPX photos 🤍 Motorweek 1984 Honda CRX review 🤍 F1 Livery Histories: Williams 🤍 Damon Hill drives the Williams F11 🤍 1986 Introducing Acura Legend and Integra 🤍 Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX 🤍 Honda S2000 CR: Shiegru Uehara interview 🤍 Ayrton senna photo 🤍

ドリキンNSX 3.0L vs. 3.2L NSX TYPE S【Hot-Version】1997


ドリキンNSX 3.0L vs. 3.2L NSX TYPE S【Hot-Version】1997 ENTRY CAR DRIFT KING NSX NA1 tuned by KEI OFFICE HONDA NSX TYPE S NA2 DRIVER 土屋圭市 / Keiichi Tsuchiya  服部尚貴 / Naoki Hattori STAGE:エビスサーキット 東コース / EBISU CIRCUIT EAST チャンネル登録はこちら 🤍 INITIAL D “リアル真子”塚本奈々美STYLE 再生リスト 🤍 English subtitles contents 🤍 Best MOTORing 再生リスト 🤍 Hot-Version 再生リスト 🤍 NEW Releases!! Hot-Version DVD digest 🤍 AE86 CLUB 再生リスト 🤍 INITIAL D STYLE 再生リスト 🤍 GT-R SPECIAL 再生リスト 🤍 HONDA SPECIAL 再生リスト 🤍 DRIFT KINGDAM ドリフトキングダム 再生リスト 🤍

Building a JDM Honda 1991 Honda NSX in 17 Minutes!


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5ENNA; Honda NSX | 4K


The perfect homage to a legend; Ayrton Senna. Many people don't know, but by chance, Senna, was given a drive of the Honda NSX Prototype back in 1989 where he advised Honda engineer's of changes that needed to be made. Honda listened with one of the biggest changes being stiffening the over chassis rigidity by 50%. Roland has built upon an amazing base and truly made a car that Senna would be proud of. Equipment Used: - Camera: 🤍 - Lens #1: 🤍 - Lens #2: 🤍 - Stabilizer: 🤍 - Recording Monitor: 🤍 #NSX #HONDA #SENNA Owner: 🤍rolz Owners Comments: Special thanks to the people who helped with this project in one way or another: Gorilla Industries, Bodyform Motorsports, Heasmans Steering, FHRX Studios, THE-LOWDOWN, Hartnett Media, John, Cameron and Felix. Extra special thanks to my wife Janet for putting up with me during the build of the car! Music: Memphis – 9 ELEVEN 🤍 For more THE-LOWDOWN cars: 🤍 Follow THE-LOWDOWN: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Follow Hartnett Media: Facebook: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍

1998 Acura NSX SUPERCHARGED 400HP POV by AutoTopNL


1998 Acura NSX SUPERCHARGED 400HP POV by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! 🤍 Check out our 100-200 GPS Scoreboard 🤍 Check out our Brand Store: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 AutoTopNL Facebook Fanpage: 🤍 #AutoTopNL UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. We're not interested in eco & green (unless it's like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo's is what we want to hear! We review all sorts of performance cars. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0-100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans. We have it all! DE: Wir nehmen alle möglichen leistungsstarken Autos unter ein Lupe. In den verschiedenen Playlists könnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genießen, Beschleunigungstests (0-100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos. Exotische Autos, sportliche Kompaktwagen und kraftvolle Limousinen. Wir haben sie alle! FR: A travers les différentes playlists, vous pourrez apprécier des bruits d’échappements, des tests d’accélérations (0- 100, 0-200), des caméras embarquées ainsi que le son à l’accélération des voitures. Des voitures de rallyes aux berlines surpuissantes en passant par des bolides hors-norme...nous avons tout ce qu’il vous faut ! PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy przyspieszenia (0-100, 0-200) z launch control, kamerami wewnątrz kabiny i wibrującym dźwiękiem każdego samochodu. Egzotyczne auta, hothatch, sportowe sedany - znajdziesz je wszystkie tutaj! IT: Auto-Top è una società che si occupa di riprese e test drive. Non siamo interessati a macchine che consumano o inquinano poco (a meno che non siamo veramente veloci). Noi vogliamo sentire scarichi che urlano e turbo che soffiano!! Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto sportiva. Nelle nostre playlist troverai sound di scarichi, riprese onboard, test di accelerazione con launch control (0-100, 0-200) e il suono unico e riconoscibile di ogni auto. Supersportive, hothatches e berline cavallate.. Proviamo di tutto!! ES: Auto-Top es una empresa de pruebas y grabación de coches sincera. No estamos interesados en la ecología. Tubos de escape rugiendo y motores echando humo, es todo lo que nos interesa oir! Hacemos reviews de todo tipo de coches. En las listas de reproducción podéis encontrar desde sonidos del ultramundo hasta tests de aceleración (0-100, 0-200), cámaras a bordo de los coches, hasta el sonido de aceleración de cada coche. Coches exóticos, coches compactos, deportivos. Lo tenemos todo!

Honda NSX (NA1) | 4K


Honda NSX (NA1) Owner : 🤍 Music Prd. : Fantom (🤍 Track : EXPEDITION (Hyperpop x Glaive x Glitchcore Type Beat)

ホンダ魂が詰まったレーシングカー! 30年前のホンダは凄かった… ホンダ NSX NA1 NA2 TypeR C30B ADVANCE製作


いつもご視聴いただきありがとうございます。 今回ご紹介する車は、ホンダが誇るスーパーカー! 【NSX NA1 】になります。 このお車は、富士スピードウェイを走行されると言うことで神奈川県にある【ADVANCE】様にてチューニング、メンテナンスされているお車です。 NSX独特の良さを更に伸ばした最高の1台でした。 ホンダは30年前にこんなスーパーカーを作っていたのかと感動… さらに高騰する前にNSXを手に入れてみてはいかがでしょうか!? 【ショップ情報】 🤍 #NSX #ホンダ魂 #ADVANCE

NSX Dreams Come True | Full Walkthrough | 4k


I finally bought a NSX! I like to note that the climate control unit is getting repaired so it's not in this video. The NSX capacitors are known to leak stopping functionality. Also the oem radio is omitted because I was messing with the tablet style look. I love the oem classic look and it's easily reversible. The function of having bluetooth/android auto/ carplay is worth the janky look (For now). I do have plans so stay tuned! Amazon NSX: 🤍 #acura #nsx #na1

Nurburgring Nordschleife Honda NSX-R NA1 Time Attack 1992 Motoharu Kurosawa Onboard


Motoharu Kurosawa Nurburgring time attack Nurburgring 1992

Honda NSX-R NA1 🆚 NA2 | Nürburgring | Motoharu Kurosawa 黒澤元治


Honda NSX-R NA1 1992 vs Honda NSX-R NA2 2002 Nürburgring Nordschleife time attack Driver: Motoharu Kurosawa 黒澤元治

Senna drive the NSX-R in suzuka (great quality)


best video of youtube senna driving!

Honda NSX NA1 is a dream car |


Short film about the dream car Honda NSX NA1. Photo by 🤍 Please subscribe to this channel, thank you! #honda #nsx #nsxna1 #hondansx #jdm

Goofy uses an actually broken car | NSX NA1 Lightwork Lap Record | NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP



1994 Acura NSX NA1 (Honda NSX) - Hong Kong's finest NSX - Drive and Review


The NSX we have today is an Acura, which simply means it was an export version and not a Japanese domestic version (Honda used the brand Acura for export markets as it is considered to be more prestigious, just like the Toyota and Lexus relationship). This NSX is known to be the cleanest and neatest NSX in Hong Kong because it has won multiple awards from the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong’s annual Chater Road Show Concours. Equipped with a 3.0 V6 naturally aspirated V-Tec engine with 280HP, the NSX may not look like a competitive supercar on paper even for the early ’90s, but it is what’s underneath that matters. The chassis and body panels were made in aluminium, something even Ferrari did not do until 1999 with the 360 Modena. The engine uses “high-tech” materials like titanium connecting rods for that V-Tec push. The chassis was also pedantically tuned – including involvement by the great Aryton Senna. The result was a 1,370kg-only supercar with a high revving and punchy engine. The chassis is so good that Gordon Murray openly admitted he used the NSX’s chassis as reference for his design of the McLaren F1 road car. PLEASE CLICK SUBTITLES/CC BUTTON FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video! Please also read our English blog here: 🤍 Or enjoy more pictures on our IG: 🤍 Thanks to our crew for making this video happen: Alex (🤍) Dave (Email: david🤍 Adhiraj Rathore (IG: 🤍supercarsofhongkong) Ewan (IG: 🤍_windee_) Alex C. (IG: 🤍nofishshark)

「フルノーマル」 の 初代 NSX NA1 を実用性から走りまで徹底レビュー、中古車価格上昇も納得の魅力とは


和製スーパーカー 初代 NSX 3L V6 の VTECをミッドシップ搭載した夢の車 販売開始から30年以上たった名車のフルノーマルを現代の目線からインプレッションします。 色褪せない名車、その魅力の秘密に迫ります。 【目次】 00:00 オープニング 00:28 概要紹介 00:52 NSXの生い立ちとコンセプト 01:19 NSXの乗り心地 02:16 NSXのエクステリア 03:12 NSXのトランク積載量チェック 04:10 NSXのインテリア 06:30 NSXの走行性能 08:27 NSXのエンジン性能 09:46 NSXのまとめ 【車両情報】ホンダ NSX NA1 全長×全幅×全高 4430×1810×1170mm ホイールベース 2530mm トレッド前/後 1510/1515mm 車両重量 1390kg エンジン型式 C30A 最高出力 265ps(195kW)/6800rpm 最大トルク 30.0kg・m(294.2N・m)/5400rpm 種類 水冷V型6気筒DOHC24バルブ 総排気量 2977cc サスペンション形式(前) ダブルウイッシュボーン式 サスペンション形式(後) ダブルウイッシュボーン式 【関連動画】 ▼90年代スポーツカー乗り比べ!当時最強クラスの直列6気筒NA&ターボに試乗!【BMW E36 M3 vs 日産 R32 GT-R】 🤍 ▼【 RX-7 FD3S 】 1型 を徹底レビュー!中古車価格高騰中のロータリースポーツは運転が超楽しい?! 🤍 ▼フェアレディZ (Z32) と新型 Z35 を新旧比較!貴重な Z32 Tバールーフを 解説 & 試乗 インプレッション ! 🤍 ▼【 R32 GTR 】カスタムされたGTRの走行性能を徹底試乗、中古車価格上昇も納得の走りの魅力に迫る 🤍 ▼[祝NSX納車!!]ホンダの名車 NSXを納車したので紹介してみた! 🤍 ▼[NSX欲しい方必見!!]NSXはここが壊れる 8選!! 日本初のスーパーカーはもう30年落ち 🤍 ▼ホンダ魂が詰まったレーシングカー! 30年前のホンダは凄かった… ホンダ NSX NA1 NA2 TypeR C30B ADVANCE製作 🤍 【採用情報】 旧車王を運営しているカレント自動車では、一緒に車業界を盛り上げていきたい車好きの仲間を大募集しています! 採用ページはこちら 🤍 【制作】 旧車王 ・旧車王Webサイト 🤍 ・Twitter 🤍 ・Instagram 🤍 ・TikTok 🤍 #NSX #AP1 #VTEC #HONDA #旧車王ちゃんねる

HONDA NSX NA1 with TE37 念願のTE37を手に入れた!


サラリーマンの初期型NSX。 14の頃から憧れていたNSXに 18の頃から欲しかったVOLKRACING TE37を装着。 ・・・控えめに言って最高です。 あ、内容はほぼ雑談みたいなもんです。 ☆マイチャンネル>>>🤍 ・パーツ販売・七式工房:🤍 ・webサイト:🤍 ・blog:🤍 ・twitter:🤍 ★使用ツール★(リンク先:Amazon) ・ハンドピース タミヤ HGトリガーエアブラシ(0.3m)🤍 エアテックス コラーニ(0.4mm)🤍 GSIクレオス プロコンBOY WAトリガー(0.5mm) PROFIX THC-01(0.2mm):🤍 ・コンプレッサー:エアテックス APC-007C ・塗装ブース:自作七式ブース ★撮影機材★(リンク先:Amazon) ・SONY α7RIV 🤍 ・SIGMA 70mmF2.8 DG MACRO 🤍 ・Panasonic DC-S5 🤍 ・MOZA Aircross 3軸ジンバル 🤍 ★製作やらなんやら:七式ガンプラ部 ★BGMはこちらからお借りしています:🤍 #NSX #ホイール #TE37

Honda S2000 vs NSX Na1 Track battle at Dijon Prenois


Very funny moments with friends. Honda S2000 Mugen with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 used Honda NSX stock with Yokohama A052 Honda S2000 purple track build with Toyo R888 Journée au bénéfice de l'association Rêves d'Enfants Malades 2021

【ホンダ NSX NA1】ホンダの最高傑作 ホンダNSXを詳しく内装外装紹介!カーセンサー掲載中!?次のオーナーはあなたかも!? 【車好き女子】


車両:ホンダ NSX NA1  オフ会名:1994-1995 年生まれ【94年式ホンダ同い年オフ】 撮影協力:ぽんずさん ぽんずさんTwitter 🤍 ぽんずさんYouTube 🤍 カーセンサー掲載リンク 🤍 #ホンダ #VTEC #NSX ♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡ 🔗全SNSのリンク一覧🔗 🤍 【お仕事関係はこちらへ】 ○メインアドレス mijyu.official🤍 ○サブアドレス(Outlookに送れない場合下記へお願いします) mijyu.official🤍 無所属フリーで活動しております! ●Twitter 🤍VEZEL_girl 🤍 ●instagram 🤍mijyu_official 🤍 ●アメブロ【車紹介記事】 🤍 🎁衣装・機材のご支援(めちゃくちゃ助かります🥺) 🤍 .:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚ ○洗車動画一覧 🤍 ○内外装車両紹介・試乗レポート 🤍 ○シビックタイプR 🤍 ○スバルさんのお車紹介 🤍 ○過去のDIY 🤍 ○日本一周の動画はここにまとめてあるよ♪ 🤍 ♡・・*・・♡徹底車両紹介♡・・*・・♡ 【車両紹介】スバル フォレスターアドバンス 🤍 【雪上試乗】スバル フォレスターアドバンス 🤍 【VLOG】氷点下2度。凍った湖に落下。圧倒的に私が可哀想🥺 🤍 【車両紹介】スバル フォレスタースポーツ 🤍 【新型アウトバック】は本気で乗り換えたい1台! 🤍 【新型アウトバック】車両紹介 inアウトバックの聖地 🤍 【SUBARU XV】は知れば知るほど良い車でした♪ 🤍 【レクサス新型NX350 F SPORT】車両紹介 🤍 【トヨタ カローラクロス】車両紹介 🤍 【新型WRX S4】車両紹介動画 前編 🤍 【新型WRX S4】車両紹介動画 後編 🤍 【新型WRX S4】 車両紹介記事 CORISM様 🤍 【新型 GR86 / BRZ】車両紹介 🤍 【トヨタ ランドクルーザー300】車両紹介 🤍 【新型フォレスタースポーツ】雪道でも安心の本格SUV! 🤍 トヨタ ヤリス 内外装紹介&試乗 🤍 トヨタ ヤリス 内外装紹介&試乗 🤍 フォルクスワーゲン ゴルフ 車両紹介 🤍 フォルクスワーゲン ゴルフ 試乗 🤍 ロードスターRF 内外装紹介&試乗 🤍 ♡・・*・・♡おすすめ動画♡・・*・・♡ 【オートサロン2020】でNSXに乗ったよ! 🤍 ポリッシャーデビュー!洗車&コーティング 🤍 【初スパシャン洗車】 FK8を洗車しました! 🤍 純正ホイールをガンメタ塗装にチャレンジ! 🤍 柿本改のマフラーを自分で取り付けてみた!!! 🤍 無限 エアロスポイラー取り付けたらめちゃくちゃかっこよくなった♡ 🤍 車中泊用の断熱目隠しシートをDIYしてみたよ♪ 🤍 窓を開けたまま洗車しちゃった( ; ; ) 🤍 新型VEZELを発売前に見せてもらったよ♡ 🤍 脱脂シャンプー&シリコンシャンプーで洗車してみた! 🤍 鈴鹿サーキットでバイク型ジェットコースターに乗ったよ! 🤍 「私がねれりゃそれでいい」車中泊 🤍 徹底洗車#1  エンブレムの隙間まで手洗い洗車頑張ってやりました♪ 🤍 EZ Detailというホイールブラシで足回り洗車にチャレンジ! 🤍 徹底洗車シリーズ第二弾!少しは上手くなってきたかな? 🤍 徹底洗車シリーズ第三弾!苔の生えたLEXUSを洗車! 🤍 希少金属のコーティング!?ナノメタルコーティング♪ 🤍 憧れ続けた車を契約しました!!!!シビックタイプR契約 🤍 極寒 シビック タイプRを手洗い洗車 🤍 大寒波の前に滑り込み洗車(シビックタイプR) 🤍 おすすめ洗車グッズ紹介 グラシアスドライモンスター 🤍 ♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡・・*♡・・*・・♡・・*・・♡ みじゅのサンダル 🤍 みじゅとお揃いのアパレルグッズ♡ 🤍 【おすすめの洗車アイテム】 ・ホルツ 洗車&補修用品 未塗装樹脂コート剤 R-FINE ブラックショック Holts 🤍 ・SOFT99 カーシャンプー コーティング施工車専用メンテナンスシャンプー 🤍 ・ホイールブラシ【正規代理店品/説明書付き】EZ Detail ディテールブラシ 🤍 ・カーメイト 車洗車用  鉄粉除去剤 🤍 ・VOODOORIDE(ブードゥーライド)*SHOQ Wheel & Tire Cleaner(ホイールタイヤクリーナー) 🤍 ・スポンジ代わりに使えるも「もふもふ手洗いクロス」 🤍 ・リョービ(RYOBI) ブロワー 🤍 ・【SPASHAN】マイクロベロア(黒) 🤍 ・スパシャン SPASHAN カーシャンプー 🤍 ・インフィニクス VOODOORIDE(ブードゥーライド) HYPD(ハイプド) 🤍 WILLSON [ ウイルソン ] 泡仕立てシャンプー コーティング車専用 🤍 プロスタッフ 洗車用品 拭き取り吸水クロス グラシアス ゴールド ドライモンスター 🤍 .。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚+.。.:*・゚

Honda nsx na1 history - A $160,000 investment ?


nsx honda nsx na 1 history - Acura nsx tribute: why did Honda make a Supercar? nsx review Support the channel: 🤍 Bid for a NSX in ebay: 🤍 Buy Bitcoin: 🤍

NSX NA1 vs NA2 | Midnight Racing Tokyo Comparison


Took a while to upload this lol (because procrastination). I've been wondering which car are much faster so I thought I should make this video. anyway please don't forget to comment, like and subscribe! #roblox #honda #nsx #midnightracingtokyo

【Estate Sale Supremacy】91' HONDA NSX 3.0 E-NA1 RHD AT The Historic JDM Super Car FOR SALE from Japan


1991 Honda NSX3.0 Type 1 E-NA1 for private sale.   The NSX, Japan's first supercar, took about 7 years to develop and realized an unprecedented all-aluminum monocoque body. 3.0L DOHC V-TEC engine, NA, was mounted mid-ship and combined with a highly rigid body at a time when Honda dominated F1 with its turbo engine and the whole of Japan was full of turbo cars. It is a famous car that showed off its superlative driving performance and made Honda's name known around the world. Although all the original parts are present, the steering wheel, suspension, and muffler have been replaced with external parts, and the car has been modified with the special attention of NSX enthusiasts who have owned this car for many years. With a low mileage of approximately 60,000 km, this is the perfect car for those who are ready to enjoy the histrionics. The full text of the manuscript and 50 photos based on an interview with the owner and test drive experience can be found at the link below. Please visit the following link for more information. 🤍 Also, for direct inquiries, please contact Japan's first estate seller Positive Thinking Co. Please contact Kazuma Horikawa From Japan: 070-6566-0829 +81-70-6566-0829 from overseas We look forward to hearing from you! 1991年式 ホンダNSX3.0 1型 E-NA1 個人売買のご紹介です。 開発に約7年を費やし、前例のない総アルミモノコックボディを実現した日本初のスーパーカーNSX。ホンダがターボエンジンでF1を席巻し、日本中がターボ車であふれていた時代にあえてNAの3.0L DOHC V-TECエンジンをミッドシップに搭載し、高剛性ボディと相まって超弩級の走りを披露し、ホンダの名前を世界に広めた名車です。 オリジナルパーツは全て揃っているものの、ステアリングや足回り、マフラーを社外品に交換、NSXエンスージアストが長年所有してきたこだわりのモディファイが施された個体です。 走行は約6万キロと低走行、これからヒストリックを楽しむには最適の一台と言えるでしょう。 オーナー様へのインタビュー、試乗体験に基づいた原稿全文と写真50枚は、下記リンクにあります。 是非詳細は下記リンクからご覧ください。 🤍 また直接のお問合せは 日本初のエステートセラー 株式会社ポジティブシンキング 堀川一真まで 日本国内からは 070-6566-0829 海外からは   +81-70-6566-0829 お問い合わせお待ちしております

NA1 NSX Nürburgring Nordschleife 8:06 BTG


Previously unreleased footage from last years trip to Nürburgring with my pretty much stock NA1 Acura NSX. Only car mods are worn out D2 coilovers and Kumho KU36 tyres. The lap is not all that clean, but I didn't quite have the car dialed in. I struggled a bit with turn in oversteer and brake fade, which is never a good thing on this track. Having said that, I can feel the potential in this chassis. Such an amazing machine. Can't wait to get it tuned right and have another go. I think I could go sub 8's pretty easily. Would that be the fastest stock NSX on the ring?

The Honda NSX Type-R is One of the Best Driver’s Cars Ever Made — BTS with DTS — Ep. 8


When it was introduced, the Honda NSX was the most expensive, exotic Japanese production car ever. More expensive and exotic still was the NSX Type-R, a Japan-only edition of 500 cars which received a full complement of all the tuning tricks that every driving enthusiast hopes for: less weight, upgraded suspension, a more responsive powertrain, grippier footwear, and the added bonus of shorter gearing. The changes appear to be relatively incremental, but together, they transform the driving experience. They give the car a hard edge that makes it a sensational driver’s car, in much the same way that a Porsche 911 Carrera RS or Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale exists on a different level from the standard production cars on which they’re based. In this video, Derek Tam-Scott discusses the development of the NSX, giving context to a car that was so effective at changing the landscape that we tend to take its existence for granted. He also describes what makes the NSX Type-R so special, not just in terms of changes from the standard NSX, but the experience of driving it. Spoiler alert: it’s magic. BTS (behind the scenes) with DTS: Derek Tam-Scott’s spirit age is excess of 75 years old, and nowhere is that clearer than his taste in cars. At age 16, he went to work at one of the United States' foremost vintage car dealers, which cemented his elderly taste. Now with a decade and a half’s experience buying, selling, driving, and brokering classic and exotic cars, he’s experienced many of the world’s most iconic cars. And even liked some of them. Most of the car enthusiasts of Derek’s generation (and well, let’s be honest, even a generation or two before him) don’t have much experience with the magic of vintage cars prior to the 1980s, and therefore lack the knowledge and exposure to get genuinely excited about them. The goal of BTS is to give an insider’s perspective on why these cars particularly are great...or at least interesting and noteworthy. Derek brings his encyclopedic knowledge and broad experience together to contextualize these cars to give the audience understanding of both why it matters, and what it’s actually like to experience the cars. ISSIMI is an enthusiast-owned, full-service specialist offering sales, consignment, collection management, service, and consulting to discerning enthusiasts and collectors. Specializing in complex transactions that include international services for exceptional cars, ISSIMI’s San Francisco Bay Area and Europe-based teams of experts pride themselves on transparency and knowledge. #ISSIMI #HONDA #ACURA #NSX #NSX-R Don't forget to visit: 🤍 ISSIMI Instagram: 🤍 ISSIMI Facebook: 🤍

Legendary Drives - Honda NSX NA1


The iconic Honda NSX remains to this date; one of the greatest engineering marvels in the motoring industry. Designed by Masahito Nakano and Shigeru Uehara, this piece of automotive history catapulted itself far into the future of motorsports, forcing European automotive manufacturers to step-up their game during the early 1990’s. This project birthed a true bona-fide supercar featuring an all-aluminium body, saving nearly 200kg in weight compared to that of an equivalent body made of steel. However; the project’s piéce de rèsistance was its first of a kind VTEC system which allowed the production to debut a staggering 270-horsepower engine then. We restored over two decades of this car into its original glory which was followed by our Signature Detailing, where our team of experts with over 15-years of experience utilized the latest equipment from Rupes S.p.A. to craft out an exceptional showroom finish. We then matched the best paint protection film in the world; ClearGuard Nano® SR for a worry-free 10-year protection. Drift-maestro Yoong Cherng took the NSX out for some sideways action and showed us how effortless it was for him to defy the laws of physics. For a totally immersive experience we’re located at: AutoDetailer Studio 35-A LG2, Block J, Jaya One, No. 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. GPS: 3.117805,101.635680 Waze Link: 🤍 Google Maps: 🤍 #autodetailer #autodetailerstudio #clearguard #clearguardnano #cgn #detailing #drift #honda #hondansx #nsx #paintprotectionfilm #ppf #prestigefilmtechnologies #racecar #restore #signaturedetailing #sportscar #vtec

《舊車新試》Honda NSX NA1棍波凡同非響?


主編Daniel每次試駕Honda經典跑車,大家都會好似特別興奮,今次他又是試初代NSX NA1,點解呢?佢話因為上次果部行貨Acura NSX配上自動波,好多車迷都話太可惜,所以今次佢找來一部棍波JDM日本版,仲要經過Light Tune改裝升級,表現是否非同凡響?值唔值得擁有呢?

NSX review NA1 vs NA2


A comparison video of my NA1 and NA2 NSX

In Depth Tour Honda NSX [NA1] (1991) - Indonesia


Di TDA Luxury Toys Detail Kondisi Mobil dan Refreshment yang telah di lakukan dapat di cek di barcode yang tergantung di bawah spion tengah Jl. Kramat Pela No.31 0878-0914-0860

NSX-R (NA1) vs S Zero vs NSX-R (NA2)


Standing 400m runs featuring NSX-R (NA1), S Zero and NSX-R (NA2)

Honda NSX (NA1) Exhaust note


Initial D 5th Stage.

Morning Drive In My NA1 NSX | Australia | POV


Hi Everything. Sorry in advance if this video is a little all over the place. i was just saying things as they came to me and under estimated how hard it is to talk and drive. This was a test and on the next one i will be more prepared. Thank you for watching Instagram: 🤍



The Honda NSX revolutionized how we view supercars. In 1990 the NA1 NSX took on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and WON. The NSX was even the inspiration for the McLaren F1! Watch as I tell the secret tale of one of the greatest Japanese cars EVER made. #NSX #Honda #JDM This is THE SQUIDD, a channel devoted to telling boring stories BOLDLY. Automotive icons, car company calamities, supercar legends and underdog heroes. All told through the lens of The Squidd, automotive content creator famous for being a dude with bad hair. Follow us everywhere! //IG// 🤍 //TT// 🤍 //Patreon// 🤍 //Shop// 🤍

Honda NSX NA1 Auction Prices August 2022


Here are the Prices of the Honda NSX Na1 from Japanese Auction from August 2022 Music by Leonell Cassio - The Blackest Bouquet from Pixabay 🤍

1994 NA1 Honda NSX-R imported fresh from Japan! Unloading and our first looks at it


Another unloading? What is this, Christmas in July?! Here's our first time seeing the 1994 Honda NSX-R in person! It was a little dusty after being on the water for a couple months, but we're going to clean it up really nicely and show you along the way Thanks for watching and please SUBSCRIBE! We are excited about giving you a closer look at this... amazing machine. Our website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

8500 Touren! Honda NSX NA1 Zeiten messen 100-200 | Dragy GPS Box | Youngtimer 2021


1991 war er ein Ferrari-Schreck! Wie schnell ist der 274 PS starke Honda NSX NA1 mit seinem legendären 3,0 V6 VTEC wirklich? Und bringt er bei 8500 Touren das Mikrofon zum Kollabieren? _ ❗Wenn ihr den Kanal unterstützen wollt - 🤍 Wollt ihr euer Auto bei Youtube sehen? Schreibt mir gern, per Mail oder auf Instagram! Wenn ihr die Videos gut findet, würde ich mich über ein Abo + Like freuen - und nicht vergessen, die Glocke zu aktivieren! 🤍 🤍 E-Mail: PSBlick🤍 #psblick #nsx #acceleration Das Fotoauto wurde nach einem Unfall wieder aufgebaut von: 🤍 Ihr denkt "ganz normale Autos" sind langweilig? Ich zeige euch, dass auch die Autos für Jedermann & Jederfrau manchmal charmante Überraschungen bereithalten - und dass jedes Auto seinen eigenen Charakter hat - der manchmal ziemlich "menschlich" ist! Hier gibt es: - Probefahrten mit neuen und alten Autos - technischen Background anschaulich erklärt - ganz viel Emotion und Herz, auch für ganz "normale" Autos! Musik in diesem Video: Song: SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home Teaser Trailer by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Hello Peter Link: 🤍 Music promoted by Infraction

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